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Will you participate in the local elections?

Wednesday, April 28
ďDefinitely. I even know who to vote for. My sympathies lie with Irakli Alasania. I think he could be a good Mayor of the capital. Letís see if he manages to beat the National Movement candidate.Ē
Maia, teacher, 55

ďI am not planning to participate, because everything is already clear Ė Ugulava is going to win a second term. Actually I think he is the best candidate for this post.Ē
Giorgi, businessman, 40

ďI have not made up my mind yet. There is more than a month left before election day. Letís see. But I think it is better to participate and express our will than stay at home and wait for others to make decisions instead of us.Ē
Maka, accountant, 24

ďI honestly see no reason to participate in the local elections because I do not trust that they will be fair. So I do not understand why I should waste my time. But I will be very happy if I am wrong.Ē
Lizi, lecturer, 36

ďOf course I will participate in the local elections and I think that every resident of Tbilisi must do the same, as only in this way will we achieve our aim.Ē
Tamar, unemployed, 47

"Since I consider that in every country every residentís direct responsibility is to participate in the elections I myself wonít miss the chance to go to the polling booth and select the candidate who in my opinion is most worthy."
Nini, student, 21

"How can I not take part in the forthcoming elections? Of course Iím going to the local elections as I will not let anyone counterfeit my vote. I also appeal to my countrymen to follow my example and vote, as it determines our countryís future."
Shota, accountant, 43

"Iím not going to participate in the forthcoming election as Iím absolutely sure that it will be falsified anyway. My voting canít really stop the Government fulfilling its dark plans and thatís why Iíd better stay at home."
Shorena, artist, 28

"I suppose there is a big chance that the elections will be rigged as they always have been. But I will still do my duty and go to the elections and give my vote to the candidate I want."
Mamuka, teacher, 45

"I will definitely participate in the local elections so as not to give anyone an opportunity to falsify my ballot. I must admit I havenít yet made up my mind who to support but Iím looking forward to hearing the views of each participant."
Giorgi, swimmer, 28

"Yes of course I'll participate, because it's my civil responsibility and right."
Nino, economist, 24