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What do you think about insurance policies and do you trust insurance companies?

Monday, May 10
"Yes, I trust insurance companies. They protect us from crime and robbery and help make our lives safer."
Mari, student, 19

"I think that this field is quite well developed in Georgia but many people still avoid having contact with insurance companies. In my opinion this is the consequence of the serious cheating of the people by the Government and banks in the nineties. I hope that this attitude will very soon change for the better."
Gia, businessman, 41

"I cannot unequivocally say whether I trust them or not, but several friends who work in the medical sphere tell me that there are plenty of financial miscomprehensions between clinics, hospitals and insurance companies, and that as a result people suffer.
Giga, student, 21

"I think some changes are needed in this direction, more improvement of policies and some reforms. The situation in this field is quite normal for Georgia but not in accord with European or American standards."
Teona, manager, 31

"To tell the truth I have never had any contact with insurance companies, but as far as I know from my relatives and friends these companies function quite effectively in Georgia and I intend to change my mind and collaborate with them."
Natia, teacher, 29

I am insured by one of the companies and Im very satisfied, because last month I had a car accident and this company did its job and paid me compensation, so I have a new car now.
Levan, bank employee, 32

"In our country I dont trust them, but in general insurance is useful and good."
Tamta, interpreter, 23

I am not insured, and do not have any connections with any of those companies, so I do not know how they work. In general such companies are very useful for the country and its people, especially in terms of providing health insurance as medicines and doctors are so expensive in our country.
Otar, teacher, 42