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In which currency do you keep your savings and why?

Wednesday, May 12
"Well I actually have a deposit account in GEL now but I think itís just extra trouble to keep savings in the bank. I may seem old fashioned but I prefer to keep my money in a moneybox at home and feel safe." Ann, student, 19

"I earn GEL so thatís the reason I generally keep my savings in the national currency."
Levan, accountant, 27

"I donít actually like discussing such issues in public but I keep my savings in three different currencies as I often have to go abroad, either for my job or for relaxation, so itís quite convenient for me to have different accounts."
Tamar, journalist, 34

"To tell the truth, at the present moment I have no savings at all but if I had I would keep them in USD without hesitation. It is a stable currency and one feels safer when choosing it."
Tamta, lawyer, 35

"Well personally I have always restrained myself from keeping savings in my countryís currency as its rate changes rather often and one fine day you might suddenly lose everything. So I insure myself against such an unpleasant situation by preferring Euros over any other currency."
Temuri, rugby player, 28

"I have had such bitter experience of losing everything due to my own lack of foresight when I kept my savings in the local currency that I now choose only such stable ones such as the USD or Euro."
Levan, accountant, 45

"I keep my savings in TBC, as I think that this bank is the most reliable and has serious international contacts. I do not think there will be any threat to my bank account. Even during the war in 2008 I did not have any problem with its service."
Gia, businessman, 41

"Tao Privatbank has the most acceptable services for my business; I have had contact with them for several years already and I am quite satisfied. I think the banks in Georgia work effectively."
Temur, farmer, 52

"All the banks in Georgia are oriented on their profits. I have been a customer of several banks and I am not going to keep my saving in any of them. This service needs improvement here."
Tamar, economist, 51