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Do you think a military parade should be held on Rustaveli Avenue on May 26?

Tuesday, May 18
"I think Georgia has no time for military parades nowadays. The country is facing serious internal and foreign confrontations in various directions, so I think the Government had better encourage the people in some other way instead of holding such shows to demonstrate its authority."
Jemal, economist, 29

"I cannot see anything unacceptable in this. May 26 is the day of freedom for Georgians and it should be celebrated accordingly. Rustaveli Avenue has always been the place where this holiday has been celebrated. As far as I know the opposition are planning to demonstrate on this day and I think this is not right, as street rallies that day will create more political tension, especially a few days before the local government elections."
Nino, teacher, 38

"I think the Georgian Government and people have nothing to celebrate, as only negative steps have been taken lately. What are we celebrating? Losing nearly 20% of our territory? The Army and its commanders and soldiers should be on the battlefield and not holding parades. Really devoted people were killed during the war in 2008, but the Georgian Army has not shown them the proper respect."
Luka, refugee, 29

"A military parade is an ordinary event in any developed country. Itís a sign of respect for the people fighting for the independence of their motherland, and thatís why I can see nothing wrong in holding a parade, as such events have always been held in our country and given great pleasure."
Irma, accountant, 24

"This is one of the greatest days in Georgian history and should be celebrated, but a very grandiose ceremony is not needed I think. Firstly, because the Georgian people are still affected by the 2008 war, many families are still mourning and their pain should be respected. Secondly, elections will be held 4 days later and more attention should be directed to them."
Giorgi, economist, 48

"Yes, I have nothing against this parade and Rustaveli Avenue would be the best place for it as it's the central avenue in the city."
Nino, manager, 25

"I canít see any reason why the military parade should not be held on May 26. Iím looking forward to this day. Weíve got such well-trained soldiers, our country has a rather big Army. Why should not it be displayed solemnly?"
Marina, housewife, 35

"The military parade shouldnít be held on May 26, when we celebrate the day of our independence. Why do we need this when we have lost so much territory? If we have a strong and powerful Army why havenít we regained our lost lands yet? I really think itís pointless and even shameful to hold this parade in the present situation."
Kako, businessman, 50

"I have absolutely nothing against holding this parade. If our Government wants to display our Army, why should we, the Georgian people, prevent this? I can't speak for others but I will attend this parade with great pleasure."
Niniko, student, 20

"Holding parades, and losing territory, are easy but reuniting Georgia is really difficult. So I would advise our authorities to recover the lost territories first and then hold parades. Maybe this statement is too sharp but in my opinion almost everybody will agree with it regardless, since itís the truth."
Dato, photographer, 27