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Compiled by Lia Bezhanishvili
Monday, June 7
Was democratic exam passed?

Analyst Giorgi Tavdgiridze tells Akhali Taoba that the Government worked very hard to win the elections and its organisational skills should be highly regarded. The opposition did not have sufficient intellect or skills to plan an election campaign however.

Tavdgiridze says that the election results show that the Georgian public are happy with political developments. The main problem of the opposition parties and alliances is that they could not conduct a proper campaign. Those who did not take part in the elections are still taking about street rallies, but if a party cannot win elections it is not likely that it will run anything well.

“A political party should measure the potential of its rivals, there are ways of doing this, and only afterwards get involved in a battle. The opposition could have won undoubtedly but could not develop a plan. They did not create a good organisational team. This was a very important election for the opposition but unfortunately they did not pass this exam,” states Tavdgiridze.

Elections win over the West

Rezonansi writes that since the elections of May 30 the West has significantly increased its support for Georgia. Georgian Ambassador to France Irakli Kudava says that, "the interest of French politicians in Tbilisi has seriously increased. There are now saying publicly that Russia must meet its obligations and remove its forces from Georgian territory."

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Irakli Menagharishvili welcomes Europe's support and says that Georgia is grateful for everything Europe is doing but its support should be more effective. Analyst Vasil Chkoidze says that the EU’s active support for Georgia’s territorial integrity might make Russia compromise on this issue, as Russia has nothing it can make a serious impact on the EU with in response.

Irakli Alasania: I am strengthening my party

In an interview with Rezonansi Leader of the Alliance for Georgia Irakli Alasania states: "The Alliance has chosen not to conduct politics from the street. We have our own political identity. Now the main thing is to consolidate of our support and create a powerful political base in the regions.

“We believe that change is necessary in this country and we received considerable support from part of the public. The people have made us the leading opposition party and we should use this support. Of course, we are here to win, but we should not compromise after the first piece of bad luck,” states Alasania.

“This result was caused by the unfair election environment, in which the Government used administrative and financial resources, the police and the media it controls for its own advantage. But all our mistakes should be analysed.

"We will continue to partner with all the forces which make up the Alliance and we will fight with a new strategy. Most importantly I am beginning to strengthen my political party, Our Georgia- Free Democrats, both in the regions and the capital,” states Alasania.