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Do you think there is a need to hold snap Parliamentary and Presidential elections?

Monday, June 7
"Itís worth holding snap elections in only one set of circumstances: if they arenít falsified like the last ones and many previous ones. To my mind fair snap elections are the only means of getting rid of the present Government, and thatís why they certainly must be held."
Tamuna, hairdresser, 34

"Personally I can see no reason why snap Parliamentary or Presidential elections should be held. Moreover, the existing situation makes me think that elections are unable to change anything in our country as they are counterfeited again and again. The Government candidates always win and nothing changes, so holding snap elections now is pointless."
Maka, nurse, 26

"From my point of view holding snap elections is a vain waste of time as Iím sure they will bring no positive result and the politicians in power now will still sweep the constituencies."
Temuri, student, 21

"Experience shows that every Government manipulates elections, but I still think holding snap elections is desirable. Nothing is excluded, and thatís why we must always endeavour to hold fair elections and overthrow the Government which rejects everything fundamental to Georgian identity."
Tornike, dentist, 48

"I think it is too early to do this because we have no significant candidates, either for President or as Members of Parliament. The political parties need time and patience to define their action plan and start attracting potential voters. I donít think any snap decision should be made yet."
Lela, musician, 32

"First of all the opposition should prove that they can do good things for the country and show the public that they are reliable. Only then will talking about holding pre-term Parliamentary and Presidential elections be justified."
Gia, sociologist, 41

"I can say openly that I dislike the present Government but am frightened by what might happen in the event of pre-term elections. In my opinion the opposition should think of some other plan."
Liana, teacher, 51

"If Presidential and Parliamentary elections were held even tomorrow things would be no better for the opposition, they would be defeated. The most important thing they need is public support. First of all the opposition should work on gaining this, and then improving the election environment in the country."
Zurab, historian, 39