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Azeri military doctrine assessed by Armenian

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 11
Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian stated in the Armenian Parliament on June 9 that Azerbaijan's military doctrine contradicts its constitution.

As is known the Azeri Parliament recently adopted a military doctrine in which Armenia was called an aggressor. The doctrine legalises a possible military solution to the Karabakh problem is allows a foreign country to establish a military base in Azerbaijan. Nalbandian said that the Azeri constitution outlaws any military solution to the Karabakh conflict and he cannot understand why such a doctrine was therefore adopted.

Nalbandian said that whether you allow foreign military bases on your territory or not is an internal affair of every country. However Azeri analyst Mamedov also thinks that the new military doctrine contradicts the Azeri constitution, which clearly states that foreign military bases must not be established on Azeri territory. The military doctrine repeats the constitution's formula but states that in the event of military and political changes Azerbaijan reserves the right to allow a foreign military presence on its territory.

Mamedov states that the new doctrine is a threat to the country’s independence. He thinks that this wording is connected to the presence of the Kabal radio location station on Azeri territory, the possibility of deploying foreign observers in the Karabakh conflict zone and the possibility of increasing the Turkish military presence in the Nakhchevan region of Azerbaijan.