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Do you think President Saakashvili will become Prime Minister after his term expires?

Friday, June 11
"As far as I know, although maybe I am mistaken as I do not Georgian law very well, the Prime Minister is appointed by the President, so it depends on who becomes President of Georgia after Saakashviliís term expires."
Nino, teacher, 31

"Saakashvili is a very active person and politician and I do not suppose that he will sit at home after his term expires. He has already mentioned that he is thinking about becoming Prime Minister and I am sure that he will do his best to achieve this."
Gia, sociologist, 41

"To my mind everything will depend on the political situation at that time. If Saakashviliís team is as strong and influential as it is now he will face no obstacles and will in effect be President of Georgia again, so we will see the same situation as in Russia at the present moment."
Nodar, archaeologist, 54

"Yes, thatís definitely what Saakashvili wants to do by means of the new draft constitution and Iím afraid he will."
Keti, manager, 25

"Well I canít predict anything but there is a great possibility that we will see our current President as Prime Minister after his Presidential term expires. It is always a bit difficult for such people to get used to being totally useless in a country they think they will lead forever."
Beka, architect, 27

"I hope Saakashvili wonít repeat what Vladimir Putin, the former President and current Prime Minister of Russia, has done. If not, I suggest that Saakashvili is not at all different for his so-called political enemy."
Nino, sociologist, 36