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Should Iran possess nuclear weapons?

Monday, June 14
"I think no country should, as they create danger for the world, but when the United States and other influential countries say that Iran should not have nuclear weapons, why do they have them?"
Irina, housewife, 31

"This is very dangerous I think, some measures should be taken against it. In general, when a Muslim country possesses such powerful weapons the rest of the world cannot sleep peacefully, as in the event of some confrontation there will always be a threat of nuclear weapon usage from their side."
Goga, bank employee, 29

"It is very funny that America, Russia and other dominant countries underline the nuclear threat from Iran when they are very active manufacturers of such weapons and others which we cannot imagine. They are the countries which are against war, but at the same time are the main instigators of it. I think that the main threats to the world are the United States and Russia rather than Iran."
Giorgi, historian, 51

"Well in my opinion neither Iran nor other countries should possess nuclear weapons. But unfortunately in the real world this will not happen. However it is very funny for the United States to say that Iran should not possess nuclear weapons when it possesses them itself."
Natela, unemployed, 46

I am very afraid of Iran and its policy. They can barely hold negotiations with the rest of the world. I do not welcome this country becoming a nuclear power. This is a threat for the whole world.
Natia, student, 20

I have no idea what is happening about Iran and nuclear weapons. I do not think Georgia faces any kind of threat from these nuclear weapons. We should think about more dangerous issues than this. Our enemy is so close and we are thinking about Iran. Thats not the issue we should be arguing about today.
Otar, sportsman, 27