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Monday, June 28
Sandro Bregadze – ‘We will lay down our lives rather than let gays hold a parade

Sandro Bregadze, one of the leaders of the Freedom Party, states in an interview with Akhali Taoba, "I know that the planned gay parade in Tbilisi will be held and financed by foreign NGOs and foreigners of that persuasion will participate in it. It will mainly involve foreigners but also their Georgian supporters, who are rather numerous in various circles.

"I will do my best to prevent such a parade taking place in Georgia. I am ready to sacrifice my life for that. We will unmask every person who is endeavouring to inculcate such obscenity in Georgia and gets a grant for doing it. The Georgian NGOs lobby is receiving such grants from foreign organisations, and will take all liberties, but they will not be able to win their point in Georgia. We will even use physical force to stop the parade," Sandro Bregadze says.

"There are people in the Government who oppose this parade but the Liberty Institute is lobbying for it, wanting the whole of Georgia to be as deviant as all its supporters are. The leadership of Ilia Chavchavadze University is actively involved in this. GYLA filed a suit against one of our party members saying that he had been abusing the rights of homosexuals but lost the case. Later, we learned that they had received grants to protect homosexuals, and this was simply one way for them to get money," Bregadze continues.

"I am sure Georgians will not allow them to hold the parade. No matter if they are surrounded by the police, we shall break it up even with tanks and stop this obscenity. If anyone wants to hold such a parade they can go and do so abroad, where it is admissible by law, not in Georgia. Under the Criminal Code of Georgia obscenity is punishable by law. I regard this as an obscenity which should be regulated by the law," Sandro Bregadze says.

"I want to say one thing: nationalism should prosper in Georgia. Nationalism does not imply fascism, the greatest enemy of the nationalism. Anyone who opposes liberals or homosexuals or demons is immediately labelled a fascist, but that is wrong.

"A national movement should be set up protecting the national values of Georgia. The national idea should eradicate the ideas of the dark powers from Georgian society, even by radical means. I am ready to do this and I assure you that a strong national power will soon be established in the country," Sandro Bregadze adds.

Congress delegates delighted with Georgian wine

Bakur Kvezereli, Georgian Minister of Agriculture, states in an interview with Akhali Taoba, "I can say that the 33rd International Wine Congress in Georgia was the most significant event in the wine world. Its outcomes will attract many wine tourists developing small wine stores in Georgia and increase the incomes of Racha and Imereti farmers," he says.

"The delegates included experts in wine quality, experts in wine promotion etcetera. We introduced to them our winemaking traditions and history. They tried various Georgian wines and could not help expressing their delight at the uniqueness of Georgian wine. They were especially surprised by the so-called qvevri. Georgian wine is more naturally transparent than filtered wine," Bakur Kvezereli says.

"They tried saferavi, manavis mtsvane, tsinandali, rqatsiteli, khvanchkara and so on. These wines are similar to European dessert wines. Wine made by Kakhetian methods was especially exotic for them. They were surprised by the simplicity and glory of marani. We have been making wine here for centuries and few countries can rival us. Now we simply need to adopt international tendencies," the Minister of Agriculture adds.

"Ukraine is now our most significant wine export market. Then come the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Poland, the USA, Canada and European states. There is high competition among the Georgian wine producers, who endeavour to offer the best quality wines to their customers."