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Hungary joins AGRI

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 9
Eastern European countries do not want to wait for the NABUCCO project to be realised and are taking additional steps. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania have created the AGRI project, which envisages exporting Azeri gas to Europe in liquefied form. Now Hungary has decided to join the project. The Chairman of the Azerbaijani economic and social development centre, Vugar Bairamov stated that the AGRI project does not conflict with NABUCCO and it is planned to be operating sooner than NABUCCO which has a planned start date of 2014. As part of the AGRI project two terminals will be built, one in Georgia to liquefy the Azeri gas and one in Romania to re-evaporate the liquid into gas. The liquefied gas will be transported to Romania via the Black Sea where it will be distributed worldwide by pipelines.