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Do you expect the UN resolution will change anything for the refugees?

Thursday, September 9
First of all I think that the adoption of the resolution was a serious victory for Georgia. Russians could not manage to prevent its adoption. It will change; it is one more confirmation that Georgian occupied regions will not be recognised by any normal countries. Unlike Russia, Georgia has great international support which is very important to my mind.
Gia, Manager, 25

As far as I know that resolution gives only recommendations, which of course will not impose any concrete outcome. Of course, I welcome the fact that the resolution was adopted, however, unfortunately I do not expect this document will solve the refugees’ problems.
Natia, Sociologist, 31

Almost all the world state that they support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and several international documents have also been adopted that those Georgian regions are being occupied and that Russians are occupiers, however Abkhazia and Samachablo (so called South Ossetia) are occupied and we still have a lot of refugees in the country. I do not believe in any resolutions or verbal promises.
Davit, Historian, 54

I doubt whether the UN resolution can change the situation concerning the IDPs in our country. It is a very internal affair which should be discussed within the state authorities.
Marina, Pensioner, 68

Not only the UN but any other international engagement in the Georgian issues can be beneficial for our country. Organisations like the UN, EU, etc. are actually responsible for international peace and safety, thus I hope the UN resolution concerning refugees will somehow improve the situation in a positive way.
Mamuka, Doctor, 48

The UN is an international organisation with great merit in the world society. I do actually think that each country should be responsible for their people but still I hope that the international engagement will help us solve the issues concerning the IDPs in Georgia.
Ia, Teacher, 37