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Cattle breeding problems in Georgian agriculture

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 10
Economic analysts suggest there are problems within the cattle breeding and poultry industries in Georgia. It appears the numbers of cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry are decreasing which, according to analysts is extremely worrying. Today there are less than 100 000 pigs in Georgia, whereas in 2002 there were 400 000. In 2005 Georgia produced around 100 000 tonnes of beef per annum, after 3-4 years this amount halved. Egg production has also decreased: in the second quarter of 2009 120 million eggs were produced, while during the same period of 2010 the figure was only 97 million. Farmers are abandoning the rural areas as they are encountering problems in selling their produce. The Georgian agricultural needs serious assistance urgently, in all fields, especially cattle breeding.