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Friday, September 10
Lado Papava: We need more than tourism

In his interview with Kvela Siakhle economic analyst Lado Papava says that the government should not only concentrate on tourism and its development, as the development of other sectors are very necessary for the country.

“Tourism is perfect but it cannot be the only reliability for the state. When Minister of Agriculture talks of Georgia exporting frogs or opening a crocodile farm in Zugdidi, this is more ridiculous than serious. Is it necessary for the foreign visitors to come and remind us of the worth of honey and Georgian bees? Georgian honey and bees are recognised as some of the best in the world; however Georgia remains quiet about the fact. And at a time when we have huge potential to develop our agriculture sector in various fields we are talking about frogs and other inadequate things which causes irritation among the people. If anyone wants to run that business let them do it and I wish them good luck, but this is not the subject today for the minister to talk about,” Papava said.

Fire in Kvareli forest

Fire fighters have so far been unable to localise the fire in Kvareli forest, 24 Hours reports. Fire brigades, rescuers and volunteers have been fighting the fire in the Vazovani forest of Kvareli district, Kakheti, Georgia for the past several days. The fire was almost localised, but last night wind caused the fire to break out again. The landscape of the disaster area makes the work harder for the fire fighters. Defense Ministry helicopters are involved in the operation.

The Head of Forest department of Kakheti, Garsevan Bukhnikashvili stated the wind prevented the localisation of the fire but about 100 rescuers are trying to do so.

Iliauni presented new Master programmes

Ilia University presented its new MA programmes at the Courtyard Marriott on September 9, 24 Hours reports. According to the Dean of PhD programmes, David Aprasidze, any successful student who graduates with an MA will be able to pass to PhD automatically.

“We present a unique structure of MA and PhD programmes in Georgia. Each successful student of Iliauni after graduation of MA will automatically be a PhD student at our university,” Aprasidze said.

Aprasidze said that 811 students will be admitted to 37 MA programmes at Ilia University this year.

The PhD programme is free (not paid) and each student has an opportunity to be actively involved in the studying process and take part in unique research.