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Georgia must make Sacrifices

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, October 5
Georgia is prepared to make sacrifices for international security – a statement concerning the issue was made by Deputy Foreign Minister, Nino Kalandadze during Monday’s regular briefing on October 4. She also confirmed the occupiers’ attempt of border demarcation in a Georgian village and in addition announced the dates of some important meetings for Georgia.

“The fact that our soldiers were killed in Afghanistan is very painful for us. It is a sign that Georgia is willing to make sacrifices for international security and once again confirms Georgia’s strong will to take on board NATO responsibilities,” Kalandadze stated.

Another painful subject she addressed was that of the occupied regions of Georgia, and the Russians' attempts at so-called border demarcation, “The European Union observed four Shida Kartli region villages and an attempt at administrative border demarcation was shown in only one village. Illegal border demarcation activities launched by the occupants will significantly complicate the supply of water to Georgian villages, particularly the village of Dzisi,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Concerning Georgia-related international negotiations, Kalandadze commented on the US-Georgia strategic partnership charter, summarising the meeting in Washington and the Geneva talks. “The annual summary meeting of the US–Georgia strategic partnership charter will be held in Washington October 5-10. The Georgian delegation will be headed by the Prime Minister, Nika Gilauri; the American delegation is to be chaired by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. As part of the work of the charter we are collaborating in the areas of democratisation, economic-trade issues and the collaboration between the two countries’ peoples. This year’s activities will be summarised and future goals set,” Kalandadze stated. As for the next rounds of the Geneva talks the deputy foreign minister hoped that they will yield success for Georgia and mentioned that one of the main issues for the talks will be the reintegration of the IDPs and their security.

Representative of the oppositional New Rights, Manana Nachkebia told the Messenger, “We have always said that Georgia should be a member of NATO, as it is very important for the country's security. If we want to be a member of the Alliance we should participate in peacekeeping operations such as in Afghanistan. This is the contribution Georgia must make to achieve its goal of membership of the organisation. However the authorities should obtain information of the situation and possible threats beforehand, which will reduce our losses.” He added, “As for the Geneva talks, I do not expect any positive outcome from the talks. However the talks should exist, as sooner or later they might work.”

Participation in different peace missions is a purely political issue, however the role that Georgia is taking in this area is unacceptable both politically and morally, according to analyst Gia Khukhashvili who told the Messenger, “Georgia can take part in different peace missions, but not on as large a scale as we are doing at the present moment. Georgia’s role in international security protection is quite small and assuming such a large role is unacceptable. The ambition expressed by the present authority in this direction is also indefensible.” He too gave his opinion on the Geneva talks, commenting, “Nothing is expected from the talks. Each side realises that these talks are useless, as there is no real basis for any positive negotiation.”