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Tuesday, October 5
Tbilisi did not order the closure of Upper Larsi Checkpoint

The Georgian leadership did not order the closure of the Upper Lars checkpoint, Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze told a joint press conference with the Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan – Armenian agency reports.

The Upper Lars checkpoint was closed and opened several times over the past ten days which resulted in queues.

Minister Nalbandyan said that he has today discussed the issue with his Georgian counterpart. According to the Minister, the Georgian party explained that the checkpoint was closed due to technical problems and will be reopened in the coming hours.

In return, Grigol Vashadze said, ‘I can now report that the Upper Lars is operating completely. Tbilisi has not ordered the closure of the checkpoint. If there were technical problems, we would have learned about them immediately. The checkpoint is open; soon I will be pleased to inform you that the first car has already crossed the border.’

The Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grigol Vashadze is visiting Armenia.

Russians Purchased 10-15% of Property in Georgia

“Russians purchased 10-15% of the objects offered for sale in Georgia,” Mikheil Saakashvili told the Ukrainian ‘Bulvar Gordona’.

The President of Georgia explained that Russians were not able to own Georgian economics as process of selling the objects was transparent.

“They really purchased 10-15% of the objects put up for sale, the rest of the buyers were from other countries around the world. If you have an honest system, you are safe from somebody coming and seizing everything in your country for political motives,” Saakashvili said.

Georgian President condemns attempted coup in Ecuador

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili condemned the attempted coup that took place in Ecuador on September 30, 2010.

“I am honoured to address you and state that the Georgian government condemns the attempted coup and the violent actions that took place in Ecuador on September 30, 2010,” the statement released by the president’s administration says.

“I want to express once again my sincere delight over the reforms carried out by you, which as a result, the standard of living of the people of Ecuador has significantly improved. Furthermore, I’d like to note that our aspiration to democratic development and adherence to the principles and rules of international law unites us for the common challenges,” the statement reads.

Ecuador was under a state of siege after soldiers rescued President Rafael Correa from a hospital where he’d been surrounded by police who roughed him up and tear-gassed him earlier on September 30. Correa and his ministers called Thursday’s revolt an attempt to overthrow him and not just a simple insurrection by angry security force members over a new law that would cut benefits for public servants.
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Russians like Georgian Police reforms

The former head of the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior is recommending that the Russian government look at the experience of reforming law enforcement structures in Georgia. Arkadi Murashov spoke about his vision for militia reform in the Echo Moskvy studio. The TV show Police Department was dedicated to a discussion of the legislative project proposed by the Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, which aims at reforming the Russian militia to a police structure.

Murashov said the Georgian police reform was exemplary in the post-Soviet states, because the police structure was reformed from the very beginning. The Russian analyst calls upon the Russian authorities to invite Georgian professionals to Russia in order to share their experience.
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Moscow authorities want to remove Peter I monument

The Moscow authorities may remove the monument of Peter the Great from where it was erected in 1997 - Vladimir Resin, the acting mayor of Moscow announced at a special session of the Moscow administration.

However, he did not specify to where the monument by Georgian sculptor, Zurab Tsereteli might be moved. Many authorities attending the session objected to the decision. They said the removal of the monument would take serious funds from the capital’s budget.
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Education Ministry announces competition for dance class teachers

Under the president’s initiative, dance classes will be introduced in schools from 2011. Theoretical and practical classes in Georgian dance will be given. Initially the innovation will be piloted in Tbilisi schools. The program will then be launched in all schools as part of the National Curriculum.

In order to give dance classes at schools, MES, together with the National Centre for Teacher Development announced a competition for the dance class teachers.

Willing teachers should have a minimum two years experience of teaching dance. He/she should deliver a completed application form together with approved copies of qualification documents to the National Centre for Teacher Development.
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