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Do you think changing the election code will result in success for the Opposition?

Tuesday, October 5
I am not very well acquainted with the possible changes but as far as I’m concerned these are the changes which the opposition has been somehow fighting to achieve. It means they depend on this issue and will better promote their activities.
Lali, Housewife, 35

Changing the election code is not enough for the opposition’s success. I think if they act properly during all this time before elections they will manage to overcome all the obstacles in their way to success even without particular changes to the code.
Niko, Economist, 56

In general, I think that the election code should be changed; first of all it is important for the country, as falsification of votes still exists. One change I agree with the opposition is the biometric rule of voting. As for their success, it is difficult to forecast. However, fair elections will increase their chances.
Giorgi, Engineer, 34

I think it will be positively reflected in the Opposition's results. I have listened to their statements and their demands concerning the changes in the election code are absolutely acceptable for me. However, I do not think the authority will foresee them.
Nunu, Teacher, 32

The Election code is important issue; however public trust plays the most significant role in this direction. The Opposition has lost the people’s trust and even if their election code changes are accepted, they will not manage to win, unless they can win back the trust of the voters.
Tamuna, Editor, 43

First of all the Opposition should work out their internal problems and arguments, think on their election campaign and present some realistic action plans. Otherwise no election code will help them.
Davit, Painter, 29

“They claim that in conditions of fair competition they will be able to defeat the ruling party. For me it is important to have a chance to participate in fair elections and not if the opposition will defeat the National Movement or vice versa.”
Gia, Economist, 41

“Of course, the credibility of our government has equaled zero after the August war. People want and need changes. I am sure that if the election code becomes sufficient enough to hold normal elections in the country, Saakashvili and his team will lose it by all means.”
Tsisana, Teacher, 54

“I think that the National Movement and Saakashvili have enough supporters to defeat the Georgian opposition which is always unable to unite before the elections. Separately they will not be able to defeat the ruling party even with conditions of the fairest election system.”
Tornike, Student, 23