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Friday, October 15
Saakashvili misses ‘Five Days of August’

Alia reports that a presentation of the film “Five Days of August” was held a few days ago. The film is about the Russian-Georgian war of 2008. The screening of the film was not open to the general public - only officials attended. However President Saakashvili, who was invited to the presentation, did not attend.

Alia writes that every minister and senior officials attended the presentation and waited for Saakashvili for an hour but he did not appear. The reason of his absence is not known.

Saakashvili visits Meat Processing plant in Natakhtari

During a visit to a meat processing plant in Natakhtari, President Saakashvili announced, “The promise of the Georgian authorities regarding the employment of refugees has been implemented,” – 24 hours reports.

According to the President, the authorities are doing their best to help find employment for those expelled from the Liakhvi gorge.

Saakashvili also explained that the government built houses for refugees very quickly, managing to get the electrics working properly. A variety of social programs were also implemented.

“One factory opened, then another; people receive salaries, they have houses better than officers in Russia. It will come as a big surprise to them that so many plants have been built in Georgia, as they thought that could break our country. We must continue in this way, not to spite them, but for our people’s prosperity,” said the president.

The meat processing factory in Natakhtari has been finished for 6 months. The enterprise was built with Georgian investment; it employs 100 people, 20 of whom live in the Tserovani refugee settlement.