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Who do you think is a real leader in the opposition spectrum?

Friday, October 15
“Well actually we don’t have a joint opposition in our country which means that there are several so-called opposition representatives suggesting they lead the united opposition spectrum. I can’t actually name a particular figure nowadays but I hope they will manage to consult within their parties and choose the leaders for achieving their goals.”
Avto, Economist, 28

“I wish the opposition would have a particular leader but I can’t see anyone relevant nowadays. The Georgian opposition has failed in implementing their action plans and strategic activities several times by failing in achieving their goals…I doubt there is anyone able to deal with the existing political regime in Georgia without consolidation.”
Anna, Lawyer, 25

“Our opposition is more likely to be a good reason for TV sketches and jokes. Not only do they have no leaders in a real sense but they do nothing at all. I don't mean radical actions and street protests but something that can show what policy directions they chose and their suggestions to help improve people’s lives. In these terms I cannot identify any leaders among them.”
Sopho, Journalist, 22

“I think the one who has a real chance is Irakli Alasania; however, if he is not backed by the entire opposition spectrum he has no chance of succeeding.”
Erekle, Administrator, 44

“To tell the truth, I do not think that one opposition coalition is needed. There should be three or four opposition parties or alliances, with their leaders; those leaders of the parties should be chosen very carefully. At the present moment there are lot of opposition parties, which is really unnecessary.”
Gia, Historian, 48

There are two political figures in opposition I respect most of all. I think that they have significant knowledge, experience and perspective to be opposition leaders. They are Irakli Alasania and Sozar Subari. I respect them and hope they will play serious positive roles in opposition and country life.
Gela, Musician, 34

I think that opposition unification in Georgia is less expected as each opposition direction has quite different attitudes and ideologies. As for whom I think as the opposition leader, it is hard to answer for me, as at the present moment I can’t see a person in opposition who I would be sure sets country interests above his own.
Natela, Housewife, 56

“It would be good if there was one specific leader, however the problem of our opposition politicians is that they all claim to be leaders. In the end they all lose against the ruling party. If in the next elections they manage to unite around one leader, I am sure they will be able to get the majority of votes.”
Otari, Pensioner, 67

“I think Irakli Alasania has potential to be the leader of the opposition. I can’t say that he is a leader right now, but in the future he could be. He has a very good political past, his reputation is quite good. Personally, I trust him.”
Nino, Teacher, 39