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Do you think that the improvement of the election environment will be a precondition for the opposition’s success at the elections?

Tuesday, November 2
“It won’t be easy to simply change the electoral system in Georgia – a country where one unique political group is adopting the codes they like. I doubt that the negotiations between the opposition and Government will have any significant result.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 45

“No, if the opposition wants to gain any position in the Government, it needs to be consolidated and present a real action plan, not just a message for a change of the regime.”
Temur, Journalist, 28

“The opposition has unfortunately failed in many initiatives aimed at changing the current government. I think that they lack real unity…As a matter of fact cooperation and opinion sharing among the eight political powers is already a kind of achievement for them, but it is not enough. I wonder why they suppose that the Government will make the changes within the electoral system just like the opposition wants.”
Nia, Psychologist, 36

“I can’t say that the opposition will get the majority of seats in parliament even after the improvement of the electoral environment, however it will help to make our parliament more diverse at least, with more opposition faces in the legislative institution.”
Tamar, Lecturer, 47

“I think yes. Both during Shevardnadze’s period and now, during Saakashvili’s term, the opposition has been experiencing a lot of difficulties due to improper election legislation. If shortcomings in the electoral law are fixed, the opposition will have more chance for success.”
Dato, Engineer, 51

“It is not only about the election environment. If you want to win the elections, you should have much more money than your competitor. I don’t think any political party has more funds than Saakashvili’s National Movement.”
Beso, Distributor, 35

“Improvement of the election environment is really needed in the country and both the authorities and the opposition should collaborate and work on this. I think that if the environment is improved and fair elections are held in the country, no street rallies and demonstrations are possible, as no one will have a reason that he failed due to falsification. Now, I cannot say how profitable it will be for the opposition.”
Giga, Historian, 48

I welcome the changes however I don’t think that improvement of the election environment might be the precondition of success for any side, as most important is the public’s trust and the steps made by them to gain it.
Natia, Teacher, 29

I do not think that after election environment change in the country, the opposition would win the elections, however I am sure that the changes will be reflected in their results.
Goga, Manager, 24