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Friday, November 5
Minister held a briefing concerning structural novelties

A briefing concerning structural novelties was held in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, 24 Hours reported. A coordination service will be created in the Ministry according to Vera Kobalia and its main goal will be to secure coordinate communications with regional government structures and businesses.

According to the Minister, the administration of the Ministry pays great attention to the involvement of the public sector in the working process of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. As a result, the newly created service will have to hold permanent meetings with the representatives of non-governmental organizations. Moreover, Vera Kobalia appeals to the newly created service to work with the public sector more actively.

The creation of a Department of Sustainable Development is also planned, the chief of which will be chosen by means of a contest. The new department will prepare strategies for sustainable development of Georgia while the service will also receive, process and analyze innovative projects, and prepare statements for the management of the Ministry and government.

The Ministry will start accepting documents for the vacant positions on November 10.

New hospitals to be open in Khoni and Abasha

New hospitals in west Georgia will be opened in December, according to a statement made by the Minister of Healthcare and Social Protection yesterday, 24 Hours reports.

“Two new hospitals will be opened in Khoni and Abasha by the end of this year. I do hope everything will be done according to our plan. Those two hospitals are being built under a Block Georgia company contract and we carry out permanent supervising over that process,” minister said.

Czech company Block Georgia, which was responsible for building hospitals and was involved in the hospital sector development programme, was expected to invest USD 120 mln in Georgia. As part of this framework, 100 new hospitals should have been built in Georgia but due to some inconveniences and failures in their duties, the Georgian government stopped cooperation with them and 71 projects were taken away from the company’s responsibility.

Minister of Agriculture suggests decrease on meat prices

Meat prices will be reduced by several Lari this week after the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia, Bakur Kvezereli, claimed that some speculative groups had artificially raised prices, 24 Hours reports.

As Kvezereli noted, an artificial increase on meat prices was around 20-25 percent, so it is likely that prices will return to the previous mark.

Besides, according to Kvezereli an unprecedented drop in meat prices is expected in November-December.

The minister said that since October 18, slaughtering has been carried out in special slaughter-houses and meat has been delivered to shops without any intermediaries, which will result in relatively low meat prices.