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Economic priorities of Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 10
During a meeting with students of Free University, President Mikheil Saakashvili stated that there are three priority directions for Georgia’s economic development: infrastructure, agriculture and tourism. According to the President, these wills double Georgia’s GDP over the next five years. Regarding infrastructure Saakashvili highlighted the country’s hydro-power potential, promising that Georgia can attract around USD 5 billion in the sector during the next 7-8 years. Moreover this sector will create around 100 000 jobs for Georgians. He also mentioned the possibility of attracting around USD 0.5 billion in investment from China for infrastructure and the possibility of an extra 4 million tonnes of cargo passing through Georgian ports.

According to the President in 2011 construction of a huge hydro-electric power station will begin in Svaneti, as well as at Hudoni and Namakhvani. It is expected that these will eventually attract investment of around USD 2 billion. The President again highlighted Georgia’s incredible tourism potential promising that in five years Georgia will be visited by 5 million tourists annually. According to Saakashvili GDP in the agriculture sector should double in the coming 5 years, there is need for specialists, technologies and considerable state investment in the field. Let’s hope at least some promises will come true.