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November 7 – a significant day

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 10
Up until 2007, the date November 7 was connected with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. However since 2007 in Georgia this date has become associated with the brutal break up of peaceful demonstrators in the centre of Tbilisi by the police special forces.

The event was later paid for by the ruling administration with the resignation of the president and snap elections. However since then the ruling party has recovered and today feels itself quite comfortable.

On 7 November, 2010 the opposition organised a commemorative rally but it was so shallow that the ruling authorities were once again able to breathe a sigh of relief, highlighting the weakness of the opposition. Some analysts go even further saying that society is scared and in a state of apathy. However others think that society has become more experienced and demanding. ‘It has become more rational, cautious and thoughtful and demands top rate moves from the politicians, while at the same time wanting stability,’ thinks the analyst Zaza Piralishvili.

In the meantime the opposition is divided into fragments chronically changing its shape, with the same leaders uniting or confronting each other; society is kind of fed up with that. As the menu offered by the opposition is very similar all the time.

There are different visions however; one is more aggressive – maneuvering people towards revolution, with some openly demanding this. Remarks have even been heard that when there is no other way there is a need for a little blood. The Public assembly meeting planned for November 24-25 is the most radical in this direction. However officials are absolutely categorical that they will take strict measures against those who are dreaming of instigating another revolution.

Another part of the opposition however thinks that revolution and snap elections are unacceptable considering that this is what the ruling administration wants to happen, since against a backdrop of such confrontation the ruling administration will again be victorious. They are instead advocating serious changes to the elections code, more transparency guaranteed, secured by western forces as well as biometric voting and similar moves which will guarantee voters are able to make independent decisions. So, there are two approaches to the next stage for the 2012 elections, but there is always something new from Georgia.