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What do you think - how can the electoral environment change in our country?

Wednesday, November 10
I think first of all the opposition parties should try to write down all the issues they dislike in the current electoral environment and summarize them with the Government representatives. Elections are the most important ways for changing particular authorities in the country without overthrowing anyone.
Eka, Psychologist, 37

Well I must confess that I am not familiar with the existing electoral code in our country. As a matter of a fact our opposition members are always complaining about the lack of transparency at the local elections and irrelevant legislative packages. But actually I wonder why they donít think of changing their internal policies and stating the exact viewpoints on things happening around us. I canít suggest particular ideas necessary for changing the environment but I would simply encourage both sides Ė opposition and Government to start understanding each otherís languages and listen to peopleís will.
Petre, Pensioner, 68

I think that first of all the issue should be in the interest of the authorities and opposition, if they, are really interested in changing the election environment in the country and their statements as it happens very often would not be just a PR stunt, situation would change to positive.
Nana, Archeologist, 31

To my mind, it needs time and strong will, as Georgia has adapted with falsified elections for several years already. Firstly the authorities should make steps in this direction and other political directions. At the same time society should understand what elections mean for their future and realise how serious the process is.
Tamuna, Lawyer, 42

As far as I can understand, this is currently one of the most important issues for the authorities and the opposition; however, I donít think that verbal agreements will be useful here. For years, much has been done, and a lot of mechanisms have been adopted to falsify the elections and so the situation cannot be improved quickly. Both the authorities and opposition are guilty for this.
Nodar, Historian, 54

First of all the elections code should change so that it becomes fair enough to hold fair elections in the country. Then the attitude of the ruling party should change Ė they should stop thinking that they can do anything because they have the majority in the Parliament.
Marta, Musician, 37

As long as people think that power and money determines the winner in the elections, nothing can change the electoral environment in Georgia. Everyone should try to change their mindsets and mentality. Otherwise we will always have rigged elections here.
Zura, Student, 23

It does not depend only on the government or the opposition. An improved election environment will be the product of cooperation between the ruling authorities and the opposition politicians, I believe so. We will never see any changes for better until they find common language between each other.
Gia, Unemployed, 60