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Food import increases

By Messenger Staff
Friday, November 19
Despite the fact that half of people employed in Georgia live in rural areas and work in the agriculture sector, the import of agricultural goods into Georgia continues to increase. As a result, Georgia is losing its product independence. According to official statistics up to 2006 Georgia imported annually food products worth around USD 500 mln, in 2008 the figures came to USD 750 mln, in 2009 over USD 900 mln and this year the trend shows no signs of stopping. From an agricultural point of view, 2010 for Georgia was quite problematic. Natural difficulties arose with rain in spring and a very hot summer, both of which spoiled the harvest in almost every area. So, the analysts think that food imports into Georgia in 2010 might come to over USD 1 bln. Analyst Paata Koghuashvili thinks that there is neither a systemic plan nor project on how to facilitate the rural areas, so that we should not be relying only on imports, which could eventually be catastrophic in the country.