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How do you think, international recognition of Georgian regions as occupied territories would impact on their de-occupation?

Friday, November 19
I think terms mean much in today’s political life but morals are somehow a different issue. I mean if people living in the occupied territories don’t reject their occupants they shouldn’t be forced to change their lifestyles… It’s a very serious issue which needs negotiations.
Irina, Actress, 28

De-occupation of particular territories is a political issue. I mean this problem can’t be simply resolved by changing the statuses of regions. Re-occupation or de-occupation – are they enough for returning IDPs to their homes? If yes, I am all for this too! But the international community is trying to be “balanced” between Georgia and Russia and I doubt that their recognition of the occupied regions would become a new reason for confrontation.
Merab, Swimmer, 46

In general, I think that the international support towards Georgia is very significant for the country. It is the sign that Russian activities are disliked by nearly the whole world. As for the results, I also think that Russia does not pay much attention to what other countries state.
Nikoloz, Musician, 32

I can see that lately international support towards Georgia has increased. I do not think that this is a merit of Georgia; I think that it is the fault of Russia, as the world is tired with Russian activities and their unpredictable police. I have the impression that all pro-Georgian statements are targeted against Russia. However, if the international community manages to somehow “control” Russia, it would be positively reflected on our problems, as well.
Giorgi, Lawyer, 26

Every time, Russia does what it wants and all international organizations and foreign powerful countries are belated in their actions to prevent that country’s brutal plans. All the time, international community makes supportive statements without any real outcome. I don’t expect that those statements would impose Georgian territories de-occupation.
Nino, Doctor, 45

“Well, of course it means something – it means that the international community knows what the real situation is in Georgia. However I don’t think that it has anything to do with de-occupation. The statements of our politicians are far exaggerated.”
Levan, sportsman, 24

“I don’t know if calling Russia’s actions in Georgia an occupation will have any influence on Russia or not. So far Moscow has ignored every call of the Western leaders to withdraw its troops from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I don’t think it is so easy to influence Russia with mere words and terminology.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“I am an IDP from Abkhazia and for me this term is very important. Someone else is living in my house, I am deprived of my right to live in my own home – this is nothing but an occupation. I am very happy that more and more officials abroad are using this term when speaking about Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I hope some day with the international support, all of us – IDPs from Sukhumi or Tskhinvali will be able to live in our homes again.”
Medea, unemployed, 53