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Do you think public figures, such as actors, sportsmen and so on, should be involved in politics or not?

Friday, December 10
I think that everyone should know their job and follow their chosen way of life… but in the modern century where the Ministers are being chosen not by qualities but by age I can’t claim to the most intelligent part of our society that they have better stay at home and watch TV. Our country is in need of good encouragement from all citizens aimed at living in a normal state.
Anna, Musician, 34

Well, I think that everyone should do his business; it would be better and more profitable for the country, to my mind. There should be some exceptions, but only few and not such large scale as we have in the country, at the present moment. Everyone in Georgia is more or less involved in politics, which is not good, I think.
Nodar, Painter, 31

If there is a necessity for involvement in political events, each person should express and defend his attitude. Politics is such a thing, which has an influence on each citizen’s life. If the political situation in the country is not addressed appropriately, everyone should react to it.
Tamuna, Dancer, 26

It someone is a famous public figure and one day finds out that he might also be a good politician and has some abilities for this, why not. Ronald Reagan was an actor before taking the presidential post of the United States and he was one of the best presidents of the United States, to my mind.
Gia, Sociologist, 43

“Well I have nothing against having sportsmen and actors in politics if they are qualified enough to draft laws or make important decisions for the country. I think sportsmen and actors enjoy more credibility from the public in Georgia than the real politicians.”
Maya, student, 19

“I don’t see them as serious lawmakers, although I can’t say that it should be banned for sportsmen and actors to be elected as Parliament Members, although I would not vote for them if I had a choice.”
Teona, journalist, 25

“We have a very good proverb in Georgia saying that a baker should bake bread. Actors should act, sportsmen should participate in competitions, journalists should report and politicians should do politics. I am very skeptical about involving public figures in politics.”
Vano, pensioner, 73