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Corruption in Armenia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, December 13
80% of the Armenian population thinks that the biggest problem in the country is corruption. This became clear as a result of polling conducted by USAID. Such an attitude to the problem seemed to be quite important to the Armenians in the last yearís 2009 polls as well. 65% of Armeniaís population view corruption as something that is just normal and only 13% think it unacceptable. 31% of those asked were sure that they could solve their problems only through paying bribes. 28% think that paying bribes will speed up the solution of their problems. The majority of the Armenians asked consider the Prosecutorís office as the most corrupt institution, then the court system, central election commission and law enforcement bodies. In their opinion, slightly less corrupt are civil society institutions, ombudsmanís office, and public organizations. As the corrupt bodies, polling names healthcare and the education system. Those asked think the most honest and just organization is the communications industry, utility services and the church. The army is the most trusted institution in the country.