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Monday, December 13
Georgian soldiers return from Afghanistan

The peace company of the Georgian Armed Forces has arrived in Georgia from Afghanistan. First Deputy Defence Minister Nikoloz Dzimsteishvili and Chief of Joint Staff Major-General Devi Chankotadze greeted the soldiers. The Major-General congratulated the Georgian servicemen on a peaceful return to the country and wished them every success.

Up to 173 military servicemen of Land Forces have been engaged in the international security operation for 6 months and returned to Georgia without any losses.
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Georgia Signs Agreement on Eradication of tax Evasion with United Arab Emirates

Georgia has signed an agreement on the eradication of tax evasion with the United Arab Emirates.

‘One of the most important conditions for attraction of investments is signing of agreements on eradication of tax evasion with the countries important for Georgia from an economic point of view’, the spokesman for the Finance Ministry of Georgia says.

The statistics say the United Arab Emirates is one of the strategic partners of Georgia. In 2007-2009 the country invested 600 191 200 USD in Georgia.

Sudden fall of temperature forecasted

The arctic cyclone, which has caused a sharp fall in temperatures in Europe, is expected to reach Georgia very soon. Weather forecasters say the cyclone will reach Georgia later today; however, it will be weaker in comparison with Europe.

Anyway, the cyclone will cause the fall of temperature in Georgia, especially in the western regions, where it is expected to be 10°C cooler; in the East the temperature will fall by 5-6 °C, the weather forecast says.
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Environmental Inspection fines ship for water pollution

Environmental Inspection officers have fined a ship sailing with a Cambodia flag for polluting Black Sea coast. The Olga Pirveli crew consists of Russian and Ukrainian sailors. Coastal Guards and the inspectors of the Environmental Inspection noticed water pollution during the patrol and arrested the ship. Until the owner of the ship pays 65,000GEL fine, the ship will remain in the fourth dock of the Poti Port.

The ship carried construction materials and it entered Georgian waters from Turkey.
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Georgian PM meets with businesspersons

The new economic plan of Georgia, to ease tax administration and develop infrastructure - were the issues which the Georgian Prime Minister discussed at a meeting with businesspersons in Lilo Customs Clearance Zone on Friday.

Nika Gilauri emphasized that economic projects were being implemented in the country which eased customs procedures at the meeting. He said the government has already made significant steps in this direction, in particular, it has created the Lilo Course program, which was intended to ease customs clearance procedures for importers.
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Executive Council Members Of “People’s Assembly” Met With Diplomats

Executive Council members of the “People’s Assembly” met with diplomats on December 10.

Executive Council members of the “People’s Assembly” - Nino Burjanadze, Nona Gaprindashvili and Kakha Shartava - met with accredited in Georgia diplomatic corps representatives.

At the meeting opposition members talked about the necessasity of convocation of “People’s Assembly”. As Nino Burjanadze stated they talked on a campaign against the “People’s Assembly”, carried out from the authorities side, with diplomats, who were provided with all documents, resolutions and orders, approved by the “People’s Assembly”.