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Monday, December 13
Christian Democrats protest

The members of the Christian-Democrats faction has protested against sequestration of the lands from the residents of Adjara by the municipality of Khelvachauri, 24 Hours reports.

"The commission of recognition of the private property of Khelvachauri municipality declared void approximately 280 testimonies of land ownership in Gonio community, in the resort zone”,- Giorgi Targamadze explained.

As Targamadze stated, the authorities adopted that decision to protect Gonio castle, the monument in the world list of cultural heritage. However according to his statement, the monument does not have such status.

"With the annulment of the testimonies of land ownership for the citizens, article 21 of the Constitution was violated according to which deprivation of the seizure of the private property should take place on the basis of the court’s decision or the rule determined by the organ law”,- Nika Laliashvili stated.

According to his statement, unless there is a verdict of the court, those owners whose testimonies were declared void, remain the legal owners of the land plots”,- Laliashvili stated.

The Christian-Democrats demand that the government cancel the adopted decision. Otherwise they will defend the rights of these people at courts of all instances of Georgia and if required, at the European Court of Human Rights.

Parliament has approved eight new Georgian ambassadors

The Parliament approved the candidacies of 8 Georgian ambassadors at its plenary session of December 10, 24 Hours reports.

Malkhaz Mikeladzes’s candidacy has been approved to the position of the ambassador to Mexico, Otar Berdzenishvili – to Brazil and Tengis Sharmanashvili – to Armenia.

The former ambassador to Poland Konstantin Kavtaradze has been appointed to the position of Georgia’s ambassador to Sweden, former ambassador to Slovakia Nikoloz Nikolozishvilii – to Poland, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Nalbandov - to Slovakia, Teimuraz Sharashenidze – to Azerbaijan.

The Georgian ambassador to the European Union, Zurab Chiaberashvili has been replaced by his deputy Mamuka Zhgenti and Chiaberashvili becomes Georgia's ambassador to Switzerland.

Goga Gorgiladze and Archil Dzuliashvili have been approved to the posts of Georgia's ambassadors to Portugal and to Egypt.

Parliamentary opposition has supported all candidates, nominated to the above mentioned positions.