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US wants Russia to become WTO member

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 14
USA wants Russia to become a WTO member. President Obama and his administration are in favour of such decision and Russia is very happy about the American position and quite possibly the stance of other members as well. It could be considered that WTO members will ignore and neglect Georgia’s claims and protests, however Tbilisi stubbornly insists on Russia considering its demands – organisng jointly controlled customs checkpoints at Psou River and Roki tunnel which are temporarily under control of Russian occupiers and puppet regimes. Realistically speaking it is unlikely that Moscow will accept the Georgian claims. So Georgian analysts are speculating as to what may follow and are suggesting two options: The Georgian position will be ignored by WTO and Russia will be accepted into organization despite its violation of the consensus principle, obligatory to WTO. Another option is that Georgia’s devoted friends will put such friendly pressure on Tbilisi that it would be forced to agree to Russian entry, perhaps with the incentive of some other benefits. Analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili does not exclude the possibility of Georgia giving consent but asks the question: at what price?