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Militarization in the South Caucasus

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 21
As the Stockholm international institute, who have been researching peace problems, reports, in the last 10 years the three South Caucasus countries have increased their military expenses five fold. Ethnic conflicts existing in the region force the countries to be scared of each other. As it is known, Azerbaijan stated several times that it is prepared to solve the Karabakh conflict militarily if peaceful negotiations are frustrated, therefore it is prepared to develop offensive armaments. On the other hand, Armenia is satisfied with the status quo, therefore it is developing and purchasing defensive weaponry. Azeri military analyst Huseir Japarov stated that until the territories of Azerbaijan are occupied, the army should be ready to return its territories by forceful means. Today, Azeri lands are under occupation, something which is officially stated in UN resolutions and it is understandable that Azerbaijan adopts a strategy of developing its military forces.

Georgian military analyst Temur Chachanidze thinks that Georgia should not be involved in the arms race. Currently it is profitable for the country to defend its interests in the political arena.