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In your opinion, how fair is the process of refugees being evicted lately?

Friday, January 21
“It won’t be a surprise for anyone if I say that I totally disapprove of the trend of evicting IDPs… These people have been through lots of troubles either during the war in Abkhazia in 1990s or in South Ossetia in 2008. Moreover the Government has elaborated a special strategy on occupied territories and I wonder why the principles of the strategy are being violated.”
Inga, Scientist, 68

“IDPs are people with special humanitarian and social needs. Unfortunately we have lots of such families in Georgia for the last several decades but they don’t stop losing hope in the Government. Unfortunately, their promises are not always fulfilled and the Government changes their promises given to these people during the elections and various festivals. So I think something should really be done to help IDPs in settling in particular places where they will manage to fully rehabilitate from their past and start new lives.”
Irakli, Sociologist, 29

“IDPs are treated really awfully in our country. They are divided in two parts: old and new IDPs and the Government are using them just as they need. I am an IDP from Abkhazia affected by the war in 1992. I was a small boy and the terror from fire still remains in my eyes. Moreover none of the authorities pay us attention and my family has been trying to find the relevant place in society themselves.”
Kakha, IDP, 27
“I think the way these people are treated is absolutely unacceptable. The IDPs have suffered so many problems and pain and now they are going through it again. Our government should wake up and realise that treating their citizens like this is a criminal action.”
Nineli, engineer, 55

“There is no doubt that evicting people from the places where they have been established for years is not fair. The Government says they are offering houses in the regions of Georgia. What should these people do in the regions? They are making their living here in Tbilisi. I am very sorry for them.”
Inga, shop assistant, 35

“It is all about making money. The authorities most probably want to sell the houses where IDPs lived in Tbilisi, so they are making these people move to remote places, where it is almost impossible to earn money for a normal living. We should protest against such actions by our government.”
Gogi, driver, 40