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Did you get satisfactory answers from the President?

Thursday, January 27
Has anyone ever received even nearly satisfactory answers from the president? I can’t remember such cases… I think Tuesday’s political show looked more like a monologue of the President where he summarized all the topics which he had separately discussed during the last several years. I didn’t learn anything new during the three hours.
Lali, Economist, 49

There are lots of burning issues both from the internal and foreign policy which need relevant answers. I understand that politics has its own rules but someone should still answer them one day. Why should our children pay for our mistakes I wonder? Let us ensure the safety of our future and live calmly.
Mamuka, Engineer, 45

Being a Georgian citizen is a great responsibility for me because I feel really bad each morning I open my eyes and go to bed in a worse condition – because I love my country and I feel sorry for my people. There is terrible injustice in Georgia and we feel it every minute. If the President can’t solve the problems of his people I want to know.
Jemal, Pensioner, 64

I did not expect anything different from him, I mean something different from his every day speeches. What has he stated that is new?! There was nothing in his statements which would be innovative for me.
Natia, Marketing Manager, 34

To be honest, I started watching the program and soon switched off the TV at all. Some of his statements were really horrible, especially those ones which were related to veterans. These were really, very shameful statements from his side. In general, it is not right when the President uses such unacceptable words during a speech. There were no concrete answers on the most painful issues. I was interested in the pension issue and I am disappointed that I got no definitive answers.
Manana, Cashier, 56

Well, I think that he has answered all questions which he was asked. Of course it is difficult to give all questions comprehensive answers when some questions refer to territorial integrity and similar issues. However, his answers were quite satisfactory.
Davit, Policeman, 28