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Georgia lobbies its position worldwide

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 8
Employees of the so called rose administration are using every possible modern public relations (PR) method including lobbying Georgia’s position worldwide and promoting its image; a serious amount of money is used for this purpose. Representatives of the democratic movement United Georgia (leader Nino Burjanadze) believe the state authorities do not reveal the true picture of the amounts they pay for PR campaigns as there is scarcely any information on how much the state spends on PR. However it is obvious that this amount has increased since the Russian invasion in August 2008. According to information of the democratic movement around USD 2.6 million was paid to American lobbying companies from 2006-2010. Burjanadze’s party representatives claim that the most influential of the lobbying companies is the Podesta Group which managed to organise this January’s meeting between Obama and Saakashvili.

It should be noted that lobbying activities are common in some parts of the world.