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What do you think about the new consolidated payment system?

Tuesday, February 8
“I really do not agree, as before I paid electricity fee necessarily, as it is difficult to be without electricity, especially in winter, as we use it for heating as well. As for the other communal fees I was paying them step by step. Now I will have to pay them all, otherwise I will be left without electricity, it is a really unfair decision, when there is such a harsh economic situation in the country and most people are unemployed, like me.”
Gia, Physicist, 42

“It is the authorities’ new strategy to exert more pressure on the people. They have increased the fees and now they have created a system to force people pay all the communal fees in any way. If there were not so high and doubled fees I would not be against it, however, at the present moment, I categorically disagree.”
Nona, Teacher, 51

“On the one hand it is not bad, as I have not paid water and other fees on time and then those fees accumulated and I had to pay quite a significant sum altogether. On the other hand it would be very bad for those people who have a low income and the number of such people is quite high in the country. They will have to pay all the fees otherwise they will be left without light.”
Lado, Manager, 29

“I think it is not very fair to put people in harsh conditions. When the payment systems for gas, water and electricity were separate people had the opportunity to meet them gradually. This time lots of families will face great troubles and may remain in cold and darkness.”
Lali, Doctor, 48

“Well I have been covering all the taxes thus have no state debt. But the new system may cause serious problems to people who refrained from covering their taxes due to their financial conditions. Moreover if they cover the electricity taxes why should they be punished for leaving those two taxes unpaid? That's simply unfair.”
Ana, Editor, 25

“Unfortunately people can't make differences in the state projects and always try to oppose the innovations. I am not familiar with the project but if it will prevent us from standing in long boring lines I will have nothing against it.”
Misha, Professor, 48

“I think our Government has been too strict on its people and is introducing tougher initiatives. Georgian people have different living conditions: some may pay for all their taxes, others postpone paying for a month or two, others even hide their debts... But all such cases differ from one another.”
Nikoloz, Lawyer, 35

“I think this all has been caused by the wrong state policy - we people used to be careless and now suffer from our "mistakes" but the Government should give us a choice...”
Merab, Worker, 47