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Friday, February 11
Goka Gabashvili confronted to Paata Davitaia

On February 8, the first plenary sitting of the spring session was opened in parliament where several topics were discussed, Akhali Taoba reports. At the sitting Paata Davitaia, the opposition Vice-Speaker called on the Committee on Defence and Security to investigate cases of removal and disposal of the photos of heroes who perished in the war for the territorial integrity of Georgia from the National Guard building. Davitaia considers that the Russia-Georgia war has not ended yet and the country is responsible to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased heroes of that war.

Goka Gabashvili, from the ruling party, responded to him by stating that the statement that the Ministry of Defence does not respect the memory of our heroes is a lie. “We respect the Georgian nation and Georgian military troops,” Gabashvili said and suggested the opposition should not pay much attention to rumours from ‘tabloid pages’.

At the sitting, Gia Tsagareishvili, the opposition MP touched upon the process of eviction of IDPs from various establishments. He believes that their eviction from residential areas was implemented illegally and in violation of the international norms. According to Tsagareishvili, the authorities have purchased the household facilities for the IDPs after the August war, however, two years later those items have been thrown into the trucks and destroyed.

Bakur Kvezereli Has Commented On Corruption Network Revealing

Georgian Minister of Agriculture, Bakur Kvezereli, has commented on the case of a corruption network being revealed and the subsequent detention of some of the agricultural ministry’s officials, 24 Hours reports.

According to Bakur Kvezereli, anyone found violating a law will be strictly punished.

"Certain officials violated the Georgian Criminal code. We are working with law enforcement structures to eradicate similar cases and everyone, who violates the law, will be strictly punished", - the minister said.

Ten high rank officials of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia have been detained on suspicion of being involved in corruption activities.

As a result of monitoring, the corruption network, where senior employees of the ministry and heads of several melioration associations were involved, has been revealed. The detainees were arrested with accusation of power abuse and extorting money from entrepreneurs as well as for offering bribes to the employees of the agricultural ministry.