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On which issue, you would like to get detailed information while President’s speech to the Parliament?

Friday, February 11
“I would like to find out more information about the issue of inflation. How far is it going to go? The price rise is already very visible and it is affecting almost every family in Georgia. I would like to hear from him a detailed plan on how the government is going to tackle this problem.”
Lela, accountant, 51

“I would like to get information about IDPs evictions. Are there going to be more evictions or is the process over? And how is the government going to provide the evicted IDPs will all necessary accommodations in the remote villages?”
Tsira, student, 22

“I am fed up of his speeches. A week ago he had a long question and answer session, why does he need to have another one now. It is becoming ridiculous. “
Levan, IT, 26

“First of all, I am very much interested in what the authorities are planning for reducing unemployment in the country. I think that it is one of the most important problems of the country at the present moment and the Government should make active steps in this direction.”
Gia, Economist, 28

“My father is a veteran and I am very much interested in why the present authorities are so aggressive towards those people, who were ready to sacrifice themselves for their country. I would ask to the President, what the Government plans for the veterans.”
Nana, consultant, 25

“I think that most of the citizens would be interested in inflation issues, every product is getting more and more expensive. What we would wait, what is the President’s plan against the inflation in the country? “
Nodar, Engineer, 45

“The authorities and the president should represent more detailed information that the country would fight against the inflation process. There are very low salaries in the country and soon we will not be able to buy even every day products. “
Natela, Painter, 32

“I am interested in communal and transport fees. Why those fees have been increased when there is such a bad economic situation in the country. I am interested if the authorities plan to increase the fees more, especially electricity. “
Temur, Worker, 36