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Who do you think is the most intellectual person in Georgian politics?

Wednesday, February 16
“Actually it is very hard to name one. Either they are not intellectuals or they are trying to hide it so that they don’t look smarter than the President.”
Giga, Artist, 28

“I think MP Koba Khabazi is quite an intellectual man, despite his rather comic image. Davit Zurabishvili from the opposition is also a highly intellectual person, at least so it seems. I think there are some smart people in Georgia politics, however the main issue is whether they use their brains for building a better Georgia or not.”
Nina, PR Manager, 32

“In my opinion Irakli Alasania is an intellectual. In addition he is a very polite man; this distinguishes him from many people in Georgian politics.”
Tamar, Unemployed, 23

“Zurab Zhvania was the most intellectual person in Georgian politics but he is dead. Now I cannot point to one particular person who distinguishes with his intellect from others. I don’t mean that they are all stupid but Zhvania was the last one about whom I thought that he was real intellectual.”
Sophio, Journalist, 22

“I appreciate Levan Berdzenishvili. I have heard lots of interesting things about his early education and I can say he has always proved his knowledge at the right time and in the right place.”
Giorgi, Doctor, 28

“I think that Giga Bokeria. Personally, I dislike this man and think that he is a horrible person, however he is very smart, educated and clever, and it would be good for him to use such features for good things for the country.”
Tamar, Artist, 29

“Saakashvili is the most intellectual; as he has managed to change the country in a very short term and has already done his best to stay in politics when his presidential term expires.”
Nutsa, Manager, 32

“I think that Davit Bakradze, he is really intellectual politician. He is educated, knows his job very well, and never loses balance and control. I think that these features can be characteristics of the intellectual politician.”
Guram, Bank Employee, 35