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Tuesday, March 15
Women want to serve in sworn battalion

In an interview with Kviris Palitra, leader of the newly formed sworn battalion Gia Burjanadze talks about the duties of this team. According to him those who join sworn battalion will defend people not only physically but also in a legal manner.

Burjanadze has not specified how many people in the battalion, but said the number is quite solid and that women have also asked to be allowed to join the battalion. “It seems they also do not agree with this unfair situation and express their attitude as such.”

In response to how they are going to defend people with naked hands, Burjanadze answered that according to their rules they will fight in a peaceful manner; the members of the battalion have no right to carry any kind of weapon or gun. If there is any case in violation of the law, a lawyer will be sent to assist the person involved.

Burjanadze added that while the public has welcomed the initiative, some TV channels reported the news as if they are a criminal group. “They carried out a so-called survey of how people would regard the creation of such a team. It was broadcast on TV that 90% assessed it as negative,” Burjanadze said.

Shashkin met locals in Tsalka

Dimitri Shashkin, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia met residents in Tsalka and answered their questions on topics including the ongoing reforms and political situation in the country, 24 Hours reports.

Having been informed about local issues, the minister discussed how they might be dealt with. He also gave detailed information about the reforms in the education system.

Shashkin said that public meetings like this are a good way of finding out about people’s opinion on the current reforms and he plans to hold similar meetings in different regions of the country.