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Armenia’s PM: Minimal threat of Japanese scenario at Armenian nuclear power station

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 28
Armenia’s Prime Minister, Tigran Sarkisyan stated on March 23 that Armenia is expressing its concern about the tragedy in Japan and is ready to assist the country. He also mentioned that this catastrophe drew the attention of the international experts towards the problem of security and safety of nuclear power plants worldwide. This has also become a matter of interest for Armenian specialists. The PM stated that new generation nuclear power stations are safer and more secure than the ones available in Japan. The PM mentioned the low risk of such an accident occurring in Armenia. Therefore, the PM expressed his confidence to continue the programme of constructing a new nuclear power station and developing the needed infrastructure for its security. The confidence of Armenian Prime Minister could be challenged. As Georgian analysts suggest, the nuclear power station now functioning in Armenia is the same type as the infamous Chernobyl power station and there is high risk that, in the event of a big earthquake, it could create some problems. As for the construction of a new nuclear power station, it will be built by Russians and it will possibly be of a more secure and safe standard but the existing power station should be closed down immediately.