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Did you expect Georgia to defeat Croatia in Saturdays match?

Monday, March 28
It was an absolutely incredible victory. Considering the fact how strong the Croatian football team is, I would never believe that we would defeat them any time soon. I am very happy and proud. I hope our football players will maintain this fighting spirit.
Sandro, IT, 27

I have never ever experienced such an adrenaline rush as I did last night at the National Stadium. After the goal everyone was in euphoria. I cant describe it with words. You had to be there to understand what I mean. It was amazing.
Levan, student, 22

I did expect that we would win. Because I have noticed how our team is becoming stronger and stronger. Our team has a brilliant coach. I am looking forward to more victories.
Tazo, journalist, 30

I am not a football fan at all, however I was so happy, that my family members were really surprised with my reaction, I was crying with happiness when we scored. I did not expect it, really.
Tamuna, Painter, 28

I was sure that Georgians would play well, however I did not expect such a result, as our opponent was very powerful. This match is a sign that we can win and play good football. I am very proud; it is the achievement of our new coach.
Goga, Manager, 31

I was expecting such a result, our footballers were very motivated and based on the previous games, I was hopeful and I turned out to be right. I wish them future success, our country needs victories.
Zurab, Economist, 51

I did not expect it and it was a wonderful surprise for me, after such a long time, we managed to defeat a top opponent; Thanks to Ketsbaia and our footballers, they have awoken hope in Georgian football fans and in just ordinary citizens.
Giorgi, Musivian, 32

I nearly went mad, it was very fantastic emotion. We can defeat any opponent. I am sure that Georgian football has a brilliant future.
Levan, Student, 19

No I didn't. I never watch football and I didn't watch it yesterday. When suddenly there was the cry and yelling in my neighborhood, I switched on TV only after that. Today I'm really proud and I could bet we would lose. I'm glad that I was proved wrong.
Sophio, Student, 20

I was sure for 99% that we would win.... and I'm so happy that the Georgian team has proved they really can bring victory to their people.
Salome, Interpreter, 28