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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Tuesday, March 29
Theological programs considered priority

The state will recognize theological programmes implemented by any clerical schools, 24 Saati writes. Amendments on this issue will be made in the Law on Higher Education, which will be discussed at the Parliament next week. The amendments are being made to implement the obligations envisaged by an agreement between the Georgian State and the Georgian Orthodox Church. According to the draft law, the theological programmes implemented in the education institutions established by the Georgian Orthodox Church will be recognized by the state whether or the institution has passed the authorization or not. At the same time, the theology programme will be recognized regardless the results of the accreditation of this institution’s educational programmes. The draft law was drawn up by the Ministry of Education.

Members of We Ourselves met veterans

Members of the political union We Ourselves met with war veterans, 24 Saati reports. The veterans from Abkhazia and Samachablo wars demanded the restoration of their abolished privileges. According to the veterans, they are concerned about the small pension, unemployment, lack of privileges on medical insurance and communal fees. Members of We Ourselves promised the veterans to solve their problems through legislative means. It was decided at the meeting that a new social package will be created with participation of the veterans, where all of their initiatives will be envisaged. “Solving the problems of veterans is a priority for us. We addressed the Parliament with a legislative initiative last month envisaging restoring privileges to certain category of veterans, however it is not enough. The Government should not forget the bravery of the people who fought in the name of Georgia, because otherwise this will cause the death of patriotic spirit in the new generation,” the party members stated, calling on the ruling administration to “work together” in order to solve the problems “step by step.”

Green Party issues the number of voters

Leader of the Green Party, Giorgi Gachechiladze visited Prime Time studio, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. The subject of the press conference was the “real number” of voters. As opposed to the official data, the Greens held their own research and found out that the figures are “absolutely different.” “As you know, the official number of voters in Georgia is a subject of doubt for the Georgian population. The data published by the Central Election Commission and the Department of Statistics is absurd. Georgia has a declining population, while the number of voters is “somehow” increasing” Gachechiladze said. According to last year’s data, there were 4.4 million people living in Georgia, however according to Green Party this number does not exceed 3.2 million.

As for the number of voters, according to Gachechiladze, it is not more than 2.4 million, when officially the number of voters is 3.58 million.