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Tbilisi Forum cements Georgia-India business link

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, March 29
Tbilisi hosted the Georgian-Indian business forum aimed at intensifying cooperation between the sides on various business projects. The forum organized by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia with the National Investment Agency on Monday, familiarized the guests with the business environment in Georgia. Describing Georgia as a strategic partner, Deputy Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India praised the political stability necessary for business development in our country.

Georgia with its energy and transit corridors gives a wonderful opportunity to foreign businessmen to invest in various fields. The eradication of corruption, according to the Indian business representatives, is the most important basis for carrying out their projects in our country. The main goal of the forum was to introduce Georgia’s economic potential to the guests. The Ambassador of India to Georgia and Armenia, Archai Malhotra, headed the Indian business delegation. The Indian businessmen expressed their interest in cooperating in agriculture, construction, healthcare, pharmacy and tourism; they would exchange information on relevant fields and discuss possible contracts.

Introducing the guests with detailed information about the Georgian business environment, Minister of Economy Vera Kobalia spoke of the importance of Indian investments for our country. “Lots of industries have been created with India’s support which is definitely reflected in new jobs for Georgian people. It’s wonderful that these people are oriented on establishing industries and we hope that more investments will be carried out in Georgia from this country,” she stated. Promising to support Indian business development in our country, the Minister spoke of the great resemblance in reforms carried out by the two countries as “Georgia and India have managed to maintain economic sustainability even during the world economic crisis.”

Keti Bochorishvili, Chairwoman of the National Investment Agency welcomed the increasing interest towards Georgia. The establishment of a good investment environment, according to Bochorishvili, was the main priority for the Indian colleagues. “We hosted several Indian delegations from the beginning of 2011 and they paid much attention to the ease of doing business in our country necessary for successful development of their projects,” she told the media. Having visited Georgia in January 2011, Bollywood Delegation of the Indian film industry will make two films on our country. According to the Minister of Economy, scripts of films are already being written and the contract between the sides will be completed once the film budget is known.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance of Georgia, Kakha Baindurashvili, presented the project for Rakia Free Industrial Zone introducing the Georgian business environment to the British business companies in London. The event was organized by the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and was the second presentation after the one held in Mumbai, India a few months ago. The Director General of Rakia, Saathiya Chatter introduced the plans for the development of Poti industrial zone emphasizing the opportunities in cheap labour and energy transferance to British colleagues.

Poti free industrial zone, according to Chatter, has been quite impressive for the European countries including Britain because this country has very high gas and electricity expenses. “There was a great interest towards Georgia and we hope that several European countries will soon join the free industrial zone,” Minister Baindurashvili stated.