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Wednesday, April 20
Buba Kikabidze – I will return to Moscow after Russian Tanks Leave Georgia

Georgian singer Buba Kikabidze gave an interview to the Russian service of BBC.

Kikabidze remembers his feelings from August 2008, when he learnt from his family members about the Russian bombing of Gori.

“I saw everything and it was an awful feeling. I say nothing bad about Russians, but the truth is that a huge orthodox country, the Russian Federation, entered the small orthodox country of Georgia. It was an attempt to kneel Georgia and restore the Soviet Union”, Kikabidze stated.

He says that Russia was offended that an occupation museum was opened in Tbilisi. The singer says that he wants Georgia to have friendly relations with everyone.

“Russia is a second home for me in terms of music, art and I have a lot of friends there and suddenly I have had to stop visiting Moscow. I could have not done this, but then I would be ashamed to look into the mirrors and talk to my grandsons. As soon as Russian tanks and missiles leave Georgian territory and the country becomes the same, I will be glad to return to Moscow”, Kikabidze said.

He says he loves Russian people and Russian culture. The singer misses Russian listeners and he has a lot of songs in the Russian language, though the reality is different.

There are a lot of refugees in Tbilisi. I don’t wish this on anyone”, the singer told BBC. (Interpressnews)

Eduard Shevardnadze Prognosticates Georgia to Restore Territorial Integrity in 10-12 Years

"I had always tried to maintain normal relations with Russia", Ex-president of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze said in an interview with the Russian edition of the BBC.

“Georgia’s entry to CIS was my initiative. We were friends even with Putin. I have known him from Petersburg, when I delivered lectures while Sobchak was a governor. Sobchak ordered Putin to organize the lectures. Putin is quite an interesting person and I would say – a talented one”, Shevardnadze said.

Shevardnadze said he made almost no mistakes during his presidency. “I had wide experience”.

Shevardnadze said that he considered Mikheil Saakashvili a talented person, but Zurab Zhvania was rather flexible. “I decided to resign to avoid bloodshed. People knew and perceived everything”, Ex-president said.

“There are many problems, but the main thing is that Georgia remains an independent state. I often criticize the Georgian government but they will grow wise. Georgia will resume territorial integrity. 10-12 years will be needed for this”, Shevardnadze told journalists.

When asked how the future generations would remember him; Shevardnadze responded that he found no reasons why anyone would think badly of him. “I have done nothing bad. I resigned of my own free will. It’s my accomplishment” Shevardnadze said. ‘ (Interpressnews)

Nino Kalandadze Explains Reasons of Abrogating Georgina-Russian Military-transit Agreement

2008's events and the military aggression carried out by Russia are foundations to revoke an agreement signed on 31 March, 2006 about organizing transit of military cargoes and personnel through Georgian territory.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze stated at the plenary session of parliament today that it was in the interests of Russia’s Defense Ministry to use Georgian land and air space to provide Russian 102nd military base located in Armenia with technique and personnel.

Kalandadze explains that considering the Russian military aggression, the decision to abrogate the agreement was taken.

Kalandadze says that the document’s five-year term expires in November, obliging Georgia to adopt a parliamentary resolution 6 months before the expiration date and send notice to Russian Federation with the aid of Switzerland.

Parliament voted on abrogation of the agreement on Monday. (Interpressnews)

Family of Rony Fuchs Thanks Patriarch of Georgia

The family of Rony Fuchs, who is in Ksani N.15 Penitentiary, has thanked Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second for visiting and supporting the inmates.

Sister of Rony Fuchs, Orna Fuchs sent a letter to the lawyer Archil Kbilashvili to hand over to the Patriarch. Kbilashvili translated the letter and sent it to patriarch.

“We ask you, to thank Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second for the humanitarian gesture we value so much and accept our best regards for Easter. Thank you very much”, the letter reads.

During his meeting with the imprisoned Israeli businessmen Rony Fuchs and Zeev Frienkiel, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II wished for them to be released shortly.

Ilia the Second met the businessmen in Ksani N.15 Penitentiary on 15 April. (Interpressnews)

Vice speaker comments on puppet leader`s visit to Turkey

Vice Speaker of Georgian parliament Paata Davitaia called upon the law makers to urge the Foreign Ministry to respond to the visit of the leader of the Abkhazian proxy regime to Turkey. Paata Davitaia said the reports about the private visit of the puppet leader to the partner country were untrue.

`It was not a visit for medical purposes, there were meetings and visits and if Turkey is our partner, we should put forth the issue very strictly and call upon Turkish authorities to abstain from making such cynical statements about medical treatment,` Davitaia said and added that the statement of another representative of the puppet regime, Sergey Shamba was also very concerning. He quoted Shamba speaking about negotiations with specific foreign companies regarding the sale of natural fossils from Abkhazia. Davitaia says the fossil belongs to Georgia and its export without Georgia`s consent was a crime.

MPs from the ruling party responded to Davitaia saying they had already sent the official note to Turkish colleagues, who confirmed that it was a private visit for medical purposes. (Rustavi 2)

Fabricated Georgian wines found in Vilnius

The head of the state licensing body of Georgia 'Sakpatent' discovered fabricated Georgian wines on the stall of the one of the largest supermarkets of Vilnius - bottles of Khvanchkara and Kindzmarauli were sold for 2 Euros each and were sold in the section of the Bulgarian wines.

The laboratory analysis showed that the tested wines had nothing in common with the Georgian brand and they were falsified.

The Georgian side will send the results of the laboratory tests to Lithuania soon and demand that the falsified wines be removed. (Interpressnews)