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Wednesday, April 20
Population against Kokoity

The public protest against the regime of separatists’ leader Eduard Kokoity is growing every day, 24 Hours writes. The slow pace of the reconstruction of Tskhinvali became the cause of some demonstrations. Several days ago in the centre of Tskhinvali a demonstration was held in which most of the participants were women. But the puppet security forces broke up the rally. The participants of the demonstration demanded money instead of the houses which the so called authorities were obliged to build after the war between Russia and Georgia. As Kavkazskii Uzel writes, demonstrators at first were encircled by the local militia then state authorities arrived on the scene.

“They attacked us with abusive words. They beat human rights defender Besarion Oseev and moved towards the women. They were about to punch me but other women protected me”, the participant of the rally Liana Tedeeva says to Kavkazskii Uzel. However, the news agency Res spread the statement of de facto Ministry of Internal Affairs in which the de facto authorities of Tskhinvali deny the using of force for dispersal.

“The information about the dispersal of the rally was denied even by demonstrators and the representatives of the city administration. As they mentioned in the administration the rally was not legal”, the Res agency writes.

The population of Tskhinvali plans to attend another demonstration against the creation of a special fund “Renaissance” by Eduard Kokoity’s authorities. Nobody knows exactly why this fund was set up and for what purposes its funds it will be spent. However, the population believes that the money supposedly intended for reconstruction is being accumulated in this very fund for presidential elections planned for November. Kokoity though says the fund is for the republic's rebirth and it is not in any way linked to the elections.

Gigi Tsereteli met American senators

The Deputy-Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Gigi Tsereteli met the delegation of US Senators with the leadership of Senator Jon Kyl. The main discussion topics were security issues, ongoing democratic reforms in Georgia, economic relations and bilateral cooperation, Akhali Taoba reports.

In terms of security, issues of relations with Russia and non-fulfillment of the assumed obligations by Russia were also discussed. The parties spoke of the additional mechanisms, which may exist in terms of support from the USA in order to strengthen security, first of all in Georgia.

The Senators received the information concerning the ongoing reforms in Georgia. "According to their evaluation, many reforms are significant not only for Georgia but for the number of regions as well and USA will continue supporting these reforms”, - the Deputy-Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Gigi Tsereteli stated to the journalists after the meeting.

The representatives of the Parliamentary Majority and the Opposition also participated in the meeting.