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Friday, May 13
Public Assembly to lock highway and railway

Parts of the opposition are preparing for a large scale rally on May 21 some details of which have been released, Rezonansi writes. According to released information rally participants are going to block Zestaponi highway in west Georgia and Kashuri railway, but this information has not been confirmed officially.

The Press service of the Democratic Movement United Georgia reports that protest rallies will begin in Tbilisi and Batumi at the same time. In Tbilisi the hot spot will be Freedom Square. “Those who really want to change Saakashvili’s regime will gather at Freedom Square,” Burjanadze’s party says.

But the most interesting aspect is that according to the constitution it is forbidden to block main highways or railways. As Vakhtang Khmaladze one of the authors of Georgia's constitution explains the law directly forbids locking such places and the authorities have a right to defend this rule. If something happens on such places no one would be able to protest against it. It is hard to say whether these highways will be locked, however authorities will defend the constitution and they will behave according to it.

MP from ruling party Goka Gabashvili commented that if there was to be a violation of law during the rallies, the government will react accordingly.

Environmental Inspection to be abolished

Environmental Inspection will be abolished and its functions will be assigned to three different bodies – the Georgian parliament has already adopted the corresponding draft law, Akhali Taoba reports.

The authority to fight against the crime committed in environmental sector will be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs; the environmental agency will be in charge of controlling the economic part of the sphere; the ministry of environment will be authorized to control the environmental conditions in the country.

This week, the environmental committee of the parliament will hold the third hearing on the reforms package, which implies reinforcement of environmental control.