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What would make you lose trust in your favorite political figure?

Friday, May 13
“First of all I should say that I do not have a favorite political figure. However, there are some who I trust more than others. I would lose trust towards them if they clearly betrayed the principles that they say they pursue.”
Nino, businesswoman, 34

“I would lose trust in a politician if I found out that he or she is involved in corruption deals and using his or her position in the government or in the parliament to lobby someone’s business interests.”
Khatuna, cashier, 40

“If a politician does not meet its commitments made during the pre-election campaign, I will lose trust in him. That’s why I do not trust Georgian political figures.”
Vakhtang, unemployed, 63

“In general, politics is such think is really difficult to be sure in somebody absolutely. I do not frequently change my political views. I would lose my trust in case if I discover that he did something against the country and Georgian people’s interests.”
Levan, Archeologist, 43

“I have my favorite political figure and it would be regrettable if something like this happened to him, however, I would lose my trust if I see that he collaborates with such forces, which are our enemy and have never done anything good for the country.”
Nutsa, Musician, 21

“To be honest I do not believe in politicians, they say one thing and do absolutely another. In Georgia most politicians are trying to gain profit at the expense of people and for this reason, they frequently change their views, which is really horrible.”
Malkhaz, Engineer, 51

“Well actually I don’t have a favorite politician but if I had I wouldn’t bear the total lies and unfulfilled promises from that person. Politics is a dirty game and it’s common knowledge but still there should be decent faces in this sphere that deserve our trust.”
Mari, Law Student, 20

“I remember how I used to praise Mikheil Saakashvili several years ago supposing that he was a young promising President oriented on people’s welfare but I must say I have lost trust towards him after the so many mistakes on the internal and foreign political level.”
Ilia, Professor, 49

“Being a political figure means taking responsibility for your electorate… I can hardly name you the most deserving politician from the Georgian political scene who wouldn’t have frustrated his/her voters. I can’t name you my favorites because they don’t exist!”
Lia, teacher, 56