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Monday, June 6
Minister assessed school exams

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini and Director of National Examinations Center Maia Miminoshvili summarized the results of the school leaving exams at a briefing, 24 Hours reports.

By the announcement of the Minister Shashkini, “based on the exams' outcomes and their analysis, we can declare that the unprecedented exams have been held successfully. An eight-day-long exam process was carried out without complications as a result of the complex measures taken by the Ministry. However, the most important thing is the schoolchildren’s accomplishments in these exams; - 30 % of the school graduates showed a high level of knowledge at the exam. 5 % out of them - got maximum points."

According to the Minister’s decree, the minimum competency level for all subjects is 5.5 points. The school leaving exams were organized for the first time in Georgia, all schoolchildren who got minimum 5.2 points in any three subjects and 5.5 points in other 5 subjects have passed overall. The minimum competency level for the schoolchildren of non-Georgian schools in Georgian Language is 5.1 points; for other subjects the same general rule is applied.

Nevertheless, this precedent will not be used in the next year’s school leaving exams. The next year, the minimum competency level for all subjects will be 5.5 points. The minimum competency level in Georgian Language exams for the schoolchildren of non-Georgian schools will be 5.3.

School leaving exams were organized in the format of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). The exams were held at the examinations centers of 1520 schools across Georgia. Each school was supplied with the necessary technical equipments and the local networks were upgraded. The process of the exams was monitored from a central server and audio equipment at the Data Processing Center of the Ministry.

Ethnic minority schoolchildren took exams in their own native languages.

Burjanadze to sue several Georgian TV channels

Nino Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement is preparing to take legal action against the TV channels Rustavi2, Imedi, GPB and a journal Tabula. The action will be sought at not only the Georgian Court but also the Council of Journalistic Ethics and other international organizations, 24 Hours report.

“These media providers made public false information concerning the crime on my behalf. Totally falsified information was broadcasted over the TV channels. The journal "Tabula" published my photo with a degrading comment. These media will be obliged to pay for moral damages and the sum I receive will be directed to the fund for people who suffered unlawfully,” Burjanadze said.

Burjanadze as well prepared the pleading against high ranks among them against Saakashvili, Gigi Ugulava and Vano Merabishvili.