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On which of the episodes of Georgia’s history would you want Hollywood to make a movie?

Monday, June 6
“Georgia’s history is extremely interesting in almost every period of time however we have certain episodes in our history which should be shot as a movie, for instance Georgia in middle ages.”
Lali, translator, 29

“I would like to see a good movie about our painter – Pirosmani. We know there already exists such a movie which was made by Georgians but this is not enough I guess. He was a legend for Georgia and he deserves to be very well known around the world.”
Salome, painter, 24

“A film on Georgian Russian historic roots would be interesting. This film would be a very good means of showing the whole world how Russians have always tried to take control of Georgia. Today they have the same plans and methods. “
Nikoloz, Historian, 51

“Well, I consider Queen Tamar ‘s reign will be a suitable plot for any Hollywood movie. Also, a film will one more time display our pro west nature and attitudes, our very deep culture and traditions.”
Nugzar, Sociologist, 35

“I am very much interested in that Hollywood film, which is on the August war; I want to see it very much. How Christianity was being spread to the country, it would be an interesting plot, to my mind.”
Nineli, Teacher, 43

”I think that we have very interesting history and there are a lot of periods and facts from our historic past, which would be excellent material for a film. As far as I know, there were talks on David the Builder as a film, which would be really interesting.”
Tamta, Consultant, 22

“It is very regrettable that Georgian cinematography is not assisted in the country and the Georgian film industry barely exists; No one in the country with means for developing the industry does anything to assist national cinematography. Georgian history itself is very wide and interesting and there will always be stories which can be used as a plot for movies, whether it is Hollywood or some other.”
Davit, Archeologist, 55